The Central Valley

Fresno County, the sixth largest in the state, is the commercial, educational, and financial trade center of Central California and is the No. 1 agricultural economy in the nation. Fresno is predominantly driven by its real estate affordability and population growth. As many migrate to Fresno County from the bigger centers of the San Francisco Bay Area or the Los Angeles Basin, Fresno's economy continues its fast growth and diversification. The City of Fresno is located in central California, between Los Angeles and Sacramento. Fresno is home to many cultures, faiths and interests, all of which contribute to its vibrant community.

There are countless reasons why over 1 million people call the Fresno/Clovis Metro area their home. Among them are an ideal climate; convenient access via land and air; prime locations within the city to purchase or lease; a large pool from which to select well-qualified employees; and professional city and county staff members ready and willing to assist where needed.

Fresno boasts superior educational facilities including an acclaimed state university campus, as well as an active arts community, limitless recreational opportunities and spectacular scenery, which is made possible by an abundance of affordable housing. While there is much to see and to do in the Fresno Clovis area, the city is ideally located for fast, convenient gateways to the majestic Sierras (just 90 minutes away) as well as the scenic Central Coast, just an hour farther. Fresno is the only major city in the country with close proximity to three national parks, including renowned Yosemite National Park. And, paying a visit to San Francisco or Los Angeles requires only an easy morning's drive.

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